• Tower of Nikoll Koçeku Theth Albania

    Tower of Nikoll Koçeku

    It is the tower where are reconciled more than 300 conflicts, from all of the  area of Shale. This t...

  • Blue-eye-Theth-Albania

    Natyral Attractions

    Me 4320 ha toke ka rreth 80 burime uji, 3 ujvara te perhershme dhe disa te perkoheshme Blue Eye of K...

  • Waterfall of Grunas - Thethi Guide

    Waterfall of Thethi in Grunas

    One of the most exceptional natural beauties in the Albanian Alps is the Grunas waterfalls, which by...

  • Church of Theth Albania

    The church of Theth

    In year 1917 it was At Shtjefen Gjeçovi, who opened the first school in albanian leanguage for Theth...

  • Fauna-in-Theth-Albania

    Fauna in Theth

    Rreth 50% te llojshmerisë se bimesisë se Shqiperisë, ose 14% e asaj Evropiane gjendet ne Theth The f...

  • National Park of Theth

    National Park of Theth

    The History of the “National Park of Theth” On the date of 11.21.1966 (Nr.96), the cabinet credited ...

Natyral Attractions in Theth

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