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Welcome to Villa Gjeçaj

Villa Gjeçaj is a perl located in the heart of Thethi National Park, famous for its beauty, only 250 m from the village center .

Between the tranquility, fresh air, where nature reveals its stunning beauty, you have the chance to enjoy a traditional kitchen with home cooked food, cooked and served by the lady of the house, Mrs. Lula. Villa Gjeçaj architecture prevails, with respect of the tradition of building in stone and wood in the area, which elegantly combines the traditional with modern details in the design of the rooms, of the common areas and the surrounding ones. The complex is composed of two buildings: the Guesthouse which archives the family history of displacement for over 90 years and residence built in 2013 in respect of the construction tradition of this area which is so special.

The Church, the museum, the shutting tower and other historical sites, like the rich natural beauty which can be enjoyed in the adjacent suburbs. Thethi’s mountain peaks, Vermoshi , Boga and Razma offers the opportunity for mountain climbing, while Thethit Waterfall, 3.5 km away from our home, is known as the most beautiful point of the Albanian Alps .

The Guesthouse

A traditional stone building constructed in 1922 with wood floors and ceilings, fireplace and family kitchen. Since 2007 is slowly transformed into a guesthouse tourist hosting makingsmall reconstructions without getting out from the tradition but adding comfort and standards for a much more efficient service to its customers . Actually composed of five bedrooms with a total capacity of 14 beds, four of which with personal bathrooms, two common bathrooms, one inside the house and other premises with entrance from outside available for people who choose to settle in tents camp next to the guesthouse Gjeçaj . On the first floor of the guesthouse is located the restaurant area and the hall, with an area of 55 m2 , with a fire place at both ends, and a capacity of 30 seats at the tables. Furnished with half restaurant tables and half bar tables. The Bar area as a hall or relaxingspace / accommodation, as well as the kitchen area which offers a daily fixed menu.


Deluxe rooms with a traditional style. A new building of the year 2013-2014, newly completed, which comes as a response to the demand of our customers for double rooms with high standards. A new three flats building with architectural standards consist on five high standards rooms for a maximum capacity of 13 people, three of them with balconies, and all with a fantastic view of the entire valley of Thethi.



Welcome to Theth! Hope our Villa Gjecaj becomes your ‘home’!

Double Room (Double bed)

Triple Room (double + single bed)

Triple Room with Balcony (double + single bed)

Twin Room (2 single bed)






Room price – Week days

€ 30

€ 35

€ 40

€ 30

Room price – weekend

€ 30

€ 35

€ 40

€ 30

Full board option, € 25 per person, on contact!

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