Travel in Albania Alps.

Excursions – Between pleasure and adveture

Waterfall in Theth

Waterfall in Theth

The excursionist that seeks to discover Theth will not be disappointed at all. There he can find natural landscapes to breathtaking, inebriating flower fragrances and melodious chirps of birds. No doubt, Theth’s tourist offer is very rich. Tourists can feel the pure nature, discover a new culture, recover the soul and relax the body. If you are in search of the unknown, Theth will give you the pleasure of the adventure that all your being will perceive and enjoy. Everyone, adults and juveniles, young and less young, sports types or those who seek for quiet, in Theth can find something special… or everything!

Excursions for the entire family

Even the children walk with pleasure, because the fabulous valley of Theth unfolds the unrealized dream, the pleasure of feeling one with nature. Their small steps seem to have caught the clouds, and running with open arms at the magnificent valley makes them reach the sky, as long as routes are suitable for them and some basic rules of walking in nature are respected. Children love to play. They want to be protagonists, and exploring the nature makes their holiday different from their daily routine. Nothing is more exciting than the excursions in the mountain valley of Theth. During the walk between the green slopes, the children’s attention focuses on the rocks with different shapes and they feel like they are living in a fairy tale. Wayside flowers and leaves you can make crowns with, animals bleat, or fallen trunks on which you can keep your balance, will make children and adults even happier.