News from Theth

The sotry of hospitality in Theth

Two vagabonds in Albania 1927

The history of Thethi as a touristic destination starts from the 1890th from some groups organized by the Francescan ordin, which priests use to visit Thethi within their pastoral mission. Who use to visit Thethi once get a huge impression of its beauty. Year by year the word got spread and visitors start to come in a bigger flux. In ...

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Theth is now accessible by normal car

normal car in Theth

Starting from this Monday, 5 august 2014, the road was made accessible even for normal cars. A road that till now was impossible to do it without a out road car 4×4 whiles. These works are thanks to the last reconstructions made from Albanian Development Fund in its entire segment from the point where the non asphalted road starts, in ...

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Road to Theth is going to be blocked for a restrict time from 10.00 to 16.00h for the touristic season 2014.

Road to Theth

The road to Theth was first constructed on 1936 and is known as the first rural road with mainly touristic purpose. In the last 20 year no reconstructions was made and only last year 2013 was approved and started a reconstruction project for just a segment, Boge – Qate e Thores, that don’t give a definitive solution to the problem. ...

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Wi-Fi will be offered for free !

Wi - Fi ZONE

Starting from this Monday, August 4 2014, wi-fi will be available even at the touristic village of Thethi. This was made possible thanks to the cooperation of “starnet.al” Company and the investment of Villa Gjecaj, one of the most frequented guesthouses of the area. Till now the simple answer to the normal request for wi-fi to our guests was a ...

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How to go in Theth Albania


By air Only through the national airport, Mother Teresa Airport, in Rinas, Tirana. The airport is connected with direct lines and daily flights throughout Europe, operating both in summer and winter. Line bus: Rinas Airport – Tirana Center. CROSS BORDER POINTS , CONNECTIONS AND ITINERARIES Hani i Hotit (Montenegro) – Shkoder – Theth. Qafe Morine (Kosovo) – Kukes – Milot ...

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Waterfall of Thethi in Grunas

Ujvara e Grunasit

One of the most exceptional natural beauties in the Albanian Alps is the Grunas waterfalls, which by the Government Decision Nr. 676, dated 20.12.2002 has been declared as a natural monument under state protection. The Grunasi waterfall with its thin body over 30 meters high, together with circuses around the Flour Mill, form one of the most interesting places to ...

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Tourism business of the year 2009

On date 18.02.2010 “ALBANIAN ASSOCIATION FOR TOURISEM (ATA )” in cooperation with the “Ministry of Tourisem youth, culture and sports awarded “To the Community of of hosts houses in Thethit ” the price “Biznes of the Year in 2009 in tourisem”. The price as the most succesful bizness of the year in Albania was awarded to the teacher of Thethi Mr. Zef ...

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Thethi i pari destinacion në Shqiperi ne “Google Street View”…


Google njoftoi sot lançimin e “Street View“ për Shqipërinë, duke i lejuar përdoruesve të shikojnë dhe të navigojnë 360° rrugët e destinacioneve më të rendesishme turistike në të gjithë vendin. Google njëra nga kompanit më të mëdha në bote, nepermes njërit nga programet më popullor siç është “Google Street View” vendos Shqipërin me filmimet e saje duke ju lejuar perdoresve ...

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