Thethi’s Road – Traffic Limited

GPG Company ltd has been contracted and started, from the end of August, the reconstruction of the last 16 unpaved kilometers. The works are on process and are expected to finish ina ten months.

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Request to Prime Minster Rama, to STOP Valbona Hydropower !

Thethi Nature in Spring

Prime Minister of Albania – Mr Edi Rama Minister of Economic Development – Mr Arben Ahmetaj Ministry of the Environment, Tirana Ministry for EU Integration, Tirana 15 March, 2016 Dear Mr Rama, Re : Proposed Valbona Hydropower Development Our company is a UK based tour operator specialising in creating sustainable, high quality cultural and adventure tourism experiences. We focus on ...

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The sotry of hospitality in Theth

Two vagabonds in Albania 1927

The history of Thethi as a touristic destination starts from the 1890th from some groups organized by the Francescan ordin, which priests use to visit Thethi within their pastoral mission. Who use to visit Thethi once get a huge impression of its beauty. Year by year the word got spread and visitors start to come in a bigger flux. In ...

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The Albanian alps

The Albanian Alps

One of the most attractive and fascinating territories of the Albanian lands, with natural beauty and tourist assets, are the Albanian Alps. With a mountainous landscape with multiple contrasts, traversed by river valleys with crystal waters, gorges and mountain saddles that invite to continue to further explore the nature, and with a rich vegetation, the Albanian Alps represent a valuable ...

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Natyral Attractions in Theth

Syri i Kalter Theth

Natural beauties of Thethi valley begins once you have passed Boge village and do not end at any moment you will stay in Theth. The first  point you will meet is Qafa e Thores peak on the way to Thethi valley, of 1800 meters altitude on the sea level and a cottage used as a coffee bar to stop, relax ...

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Waterfall of Thethi in Grunas

Thethi Waterfall

One of the most exceptional natural beauties in the Albanian Alps is the Grunas waterfalls, which by the Government Decision Nr. 676, dated 20.12.2002 has been declared as a natural monument under state protection. The Grunasi waterfall with its thin body over 30 meters high, together with circuses around the Flour Mill, form one of the most interesting places to ...

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Thethi National Park

National Park of Theth

 The History of the “National Park of Theth” On the date of 11.21.1966 (Nr.96), the cabinet credited the area of Theth, with a surface of 2630 ha: from which 1680 ha are forest along the sea-line and the other part is gas-plot and grust. It is now declared a “National Park” and is overseen by the D.SH.P, district of Shkodra. ...

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