Disinformation from an informal ‘ Tourist Info Point’ in Thethi

Zyra e Gezim Gurit

Zyra e Gezim Gurit

Thethi National Park was constituted in 21.11.1966 and was administrated from the Regional Forest Directory placed in Shkodra. As a National Park in Thethi have had no tourists’ information office licensed from the Regional Development Directory to take care and protect the park and inform people.

This season in Thethi was added another stop point, a private enterprise calling itself as a ‘tourist information point’, an informal enterprise, which aim is to inform and sometime dis-inform foreign tourist stopping there and make them deviate from the principal destination. The purpose is to bring these people at his personal guesthouse or to other guesthouses that give him 10% for each people, even if these people/tourists have already a reservation somewhere else.

This has happen frequently this season, proved this by the guests itself, the ones that didn’t change their reservation and once at the destination they reported the fact to the destination owners’ guesthouse telling that somebody tried to dis-inform them about the destination or about the time required to reach that precise place. Actually the center of the village is 3.5km from this ‘info point stop’ on the road to Thethi valley. This event has caused economic losses to the guesthouses and non a fair competition on the market.

This problem was denounced from different guesthouse on the valley, the ones placed in the center of Thethi, but nothing was done till now from the Local Government and there is no other institution where to denounce it, being informal.