Kompleksi ZORGJI – Theth


The Guesthouse ZORGJI was built 100 years before, is a characteristic traditional house of the area with stone walls and carved door where is characteristic the flaring work of 100 years in stone.
Hostel is composed of 5 rooms, 5 bathrooms, and living room for 40 people, kitchen and dining environment outsider.
The house is restored before 3 years; rooms are lined with wood, insulated for cold and moist, with heating plant in every room. Heating with wood fireplace is situated in the dinning saloon. Also has external relaxing and attractive ambiance.
Guesthouse works in summer and winter, foods that are provide by the Guesthouse in summer and winter, are bio products of the area.
200 m from the guesthouse is located the Restaurant ‘Zorgji’ with a capacity up to 100 persons and 2 rooms and bathroom.


For you that are accommodated in the guesthouse, lunch or dinner are offered to you in the restaurant. The complex Zorgji also offers camping up to 500 people, football field and volleyball games.
For different groups the staff of the complex offers guides and holiday packages in the Alps where you can be informed also in English and Italian languages.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner 25 euro for person in summer while in winter 35 euro for person.


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Booking & Contakt

Phone : 00355 683617309
00355 682319610
Email: pellumbkola@gmail.com