Hani Kole Gjoni – Valbone

The guesthouse is located 28 km from the town of Bajram Curri, about 1 km from the village of Valbona and is 974 meters above sea level. Began its activity as a host home in 1992, where the first visitors were foreigners, specifically from Italy. Then they began to attend other guests from different countries of Europe such as Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, France, England and many other countries. Over the years she had added host, including the now Albanian tourists. This hostel has now become known both inside and outside the country for traditional hospitality, traditional cooking with dairy for the area, and its specific location. The guest house has a capacity of 8 rooms, which can accommodate up to 30 persons. It offers food and drinks for the host. Also offer these services: -Camping -Games sports (Football, Volleyball etc.) -Guide -Cruise packages for groups and individuals: 1, 3, 7-day -Tourist-Info


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Website:  www.guesthousekolgjoni.com/

Telefone: +355 67 302 2876