Kulla Pracja – Theth

Ndue Praçe’s Tower is located near the center of Theth, in the neighborhood “Gjeçaj”. This characteristic tower was built in 1820 and was reconstructed in 2011. It is built with carved stones outside and with woodwork inside. On the base floor is the kitchen, where foods get prepared. On the first floor there is a lounge area of 40 m2, including a big dining table, a fireplace and a heating stove. On this floor, in addition to the salon, is also a bathroom, which includes toilet and shower. On the second floor there are two bedrooms, each has respectively: three single beds + a clothing rack + three personal comedies + a table with three chairs + cooler + balcony. On the third floor are two bedrooms, one of which is with three single beds (with a personal comedy) and the other has two single beds (which can be joined together) + a bed for children (with two comedies). These rooms include: a refrigerator + a clothing rack + a bathroom (shower and toilet).

External environments are green, surrounded by various trees as plums, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc. These environments also include fields with crops of the season and decorative flowers. The area around the tower has tables with umbrellas, which enable the eating outdoors (nature). In addition to dining tables, there are some special tables with benches, made with oak wood to relax with coffee or refreshments. The tower is bounded by the Shala River, where beyond the bridge; the brothers Zef and Kolë Toma have built several springs (water resources) in 1905. These springs were reconstructed in 2011 by their grandson Ndue Praçe, making them functional again and allowing tourists to drink fresh mountain water.

Also is provided a special environment for camping with tents, where to the vacationers is also made available a cooking place in the nature + electricity + warm water for showers. The facilities include parking spaces for the means of transport and a volleyball court for all holidaymakers.

Our guest house offers traditional food for the tourist, where all the ingredients are produced there by the family, as for example: bread wheat and maize, cow’s milk, butter, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, meat and all kinds of fresh vegetables.


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