Eksplorimi i shpellave

Thethi has other natural monuments such as caves. The speleologist can see some small caves of extraordinary beauty in Theth such as: Cuckoo Cave, Cave of Shakujve Valley, the “Red” Cave, the Cave in between the stones in the Thethi field “over Ulaj”, Pepes Cave in Okol and Water hole in the neck of Pejë. The Water hole in the neck of Pejë at times of rains issues water, which is supplied by underground glacier lakes: the lakes of Jezerca and Vuthaj. But those that have attracted the attention of many specialists, climbers, speleologist, geographers and geologists, are the enormous caves of Harapi over the Okol and the Cave of Circles over Ulaj. The large size and the interesting phenomena of these caves like underground lakes, siphons, stalactites galleries and stalagmites etc.., in centuries have been the cause of creating legends by residents.