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3 days hiking Tours to Thethi National Park

Overview This tour was thought and offered from local people of Thethi, who will not offer you just a guide but you will dive in this local lifestyle and have a unique experience from this remote wild area of the Albanian alp, part of Thethi National Park. Wild because the nature is still virgin, untouched, as described from other tourist ...

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Albania Una e Mille

Sipas librit “Shqipëria një dhe njëmijë”, te I. Montanelli Kush asht Indro Montanelli? Indro Montanelli, asht nji gazetar i shquar Italian, qe vizitoi Shqipërinë aty rreth viteve 1929-1930, u befasue nga mikpritja dhe traditat e malësorëve te Dukagjinit dhe te Mirditës. Duhet thane qe ne fillim te shkrimit se, ai ishte intelektual me karakter te hekurt. Ai “notoi” gjithnji kundër ...

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Request to Prime Minster Rama, to STOP Valbona Hydropower !

Thethi Nature in Spring

Prime Minister of Albania – Mr Edi Rama Minister of Economic Development – Mr Arben Ahmetaj Ministry of the Environment, Tirana Ministry for EU Integration, Tirana 15 March, 2016 Dear Mr Rama, Re : Proposed Valbona Hydropower Development Our company is a UK based tour operator specialising in creating sustainable, high quality cultural and adventure tourism experiences. We focus on ...

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Mos e shisni Thethin për biskota se nuk do ta blini dot as me flori!

snow in theth

  “Mos e shisni Thethin për biskota se nuk do ta blini as me flori”. Ky është titulli i një shkrimi të publicistit Prelë Milani për Thethin turistik. Si stërnip i Thethit, fshat në njësinë Shalë, bashkia Shkodër ndjen keqardhje teksa sipas tij thethjanët po shesin fshehtas trojet e tyre tek të pasurit. “Kështu siç ka nisur, me përfundimin e rrugës, ...

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Villa Gjeçaj – THETH

Villa Gjeçaj is a gem located in the heart of Thethi National Park, famous for its beauty, only 250 meters from the village center. It is not like in Swiss Alps but modestly said it’s the best accommodation in all Thethi Valley. Amongst the peace and tranquility of the surroundings, the fresh air and pristine beauty where nature reveals its ...

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The road to Thethi got blocked!

Thethi me bore

Dear friends of Thethi! Even this year, starting from 27th of December, the road Boge – Theth got blocked from the snow. From now will be impossible to reach Thethi by car from the tourists or from its local people. This year there are more than 25 families of Thethi that have done the choice to live there during the ...

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Natyral Attractions in Theth

Syri i Kalter Theth

Natural beauties of Thethi valley begins once you have passed Boge village and do not end at any moment you will stay in Theth. The first  point you will meet is Qafa e Thores peak on the way to Thethi valley, of 1800 meters altitude on the sea level and a cottage used as a coffee bar to stop, relax ...

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