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Natyral Attractions in Theth

Syri i Kalter Theth

Bukurit natyrore nisin sapo ke kaluar fshatin Boge dhe nuk mbarojne per asnje moment qe ju do te qendroni ne Theth. Qafa e t’thores 1800 meter mbi nivelin e detit, ecen 3 km dhe ndalon tek monumenti e Edith Durham qe te jep mundesin te shikosh qafen e Valbones, qafen e Pejse, rrethin e Vizhens, shtegun e dhenve, qafen e ...

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The waterfall of Gjeçaj Theth

Once you have entered into Theth and you are descending to the center, above the national road, you will see Gjeçaj Waterfall, which is quite beautiful and distinctive, and about 25 meters high. The walks through the National Park provide the possibility to familiarize yourself with the natural and cultural resources that Thethi has. The Church which is preserved and ...

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