The Albanian alps

One of the most attractive and fascinating territories of the Albanian lands, with natural beauty and tourist assets, are the Albanian Alps.

Thethi-Guide Albania alpsWith a mountainous landscape with multiple contrasts, traversed by river valleys with crystal waters, gorges and mountain saddles that invite to continue to further explore the nature, and with a rich vegetation, the Albanian Alps represent a valuable and unique gem in Albania and even in the world. The Alps resemble a dome with the highest peak of Jezerca 2694 m, from which appear in the form of rays the mountain ranges with sharp peaks and steep slopes. It is impossible for visitors not to be attracted by the multiple karst, glacial and fluvial forms.
With its mystical beauty nature has made a compromise with itself and with men. The mountain peaks in this area seem to reach heaven. Their stunning beauty is reflected in the sobering waters of the rivers Shala, Valbona, Curraj, Cemi, Moracha, etc. as well as in the glacial lakes such those of Pech, Jezerca, Doberdol, Sylbica etc. which provide a fabulous peace and adrenaline level at any moment you contemplate the many attractions of this area.

Mountains such as Radohima, the Peak of Hekurave, Arapi, Shkëlzen, etc. serve as points of triangulation, offering a different view which tempts the spirit of adventure of every visitor to explore the amazing beauty around them.

Thethi me bore

Thethi me bore`

This incredibly rich natural offer which can be used for tourism purposes is added to the diversity of flora and fauna. The four floors of vegetation and the specific weather conditions in this space have caused the existence of a number of endemic plants and animals which enrich the decoration of this space and may also motivate an interesting study tour. Numerous natural monuments as the canyons of Shoshaj, Valbona and Cemi, the Dragobia Cave, the peak of Arapi, the caves of Rrathëve, the Ice Cave, the Cave of Haxhia, the Wet People Cave, the source of Shoshaj, Valbona, Okol, Shtrazë, Kir, Koprisht, Vukli, the waterfalls of Theth, Grunas, etc. as well as the numerous biomunuments, as the beech forest and the Fountainhead of Hasan Gashi, the Whitebark Pine of the Ponarëve Lake, the fir forest of Rragam, the Flag Pine of the saddle of Pech, the Habitat of the Salamander, the plane of Toplana are a significant indicator of the great natural richness of this tourist area. To this can be added the existence of protected areas like the National Park of Thethi and the National Park of Valbona, which are a guarantee for the longevity of these natural beauties not only in the present but also in the future.

Another important asset of the Albanian Alps is the cultural wealth and the hospitality and generosity of local residents. Some of the most popular tourist areas of the Alps are Theth, Razma, Valbona, Vermosh etc.

Here should be added the Drin valley with its epic beauty, where a ferry ride from Koman to Fierza will leave unforgettable impressions even to the most indifferent visitors.