The road to Thethi got blocked!

Dear friends of Thethi!

Thethi me bore

Thethi me bore`

Even this year, starting from 27th of December, the road Boge – Theth got blocked from the snow. From now will be impossible to reach Thethi by car from the tourists or from its local people. This year there are more than 25 families of Thethi that have done the choice to live there during the winter time. This number is just for Thethi’s families but there are still other more families in the next villages of Okol, Nderlysa, Kaprre and Breglumi that are blocked too.A lot of people wanted to spend Christmas or even the New Year eve in Thethi but the possibility of getting blocked there was big so they changed destination. Actually the quantity of snow is higher of one meter in ‘Qafe e Thores’ peak, the highest point of the trail (1800m), and around 50 cm in the valley. For those that still want to reach Thethi anyway there is another possibility too, that is through Dukagjini valley, the road Prekal-Kire-Shosh-Shale and then Theth. This road is though very difficult in its ninety kilometers without asphalt. Actually even this road have 40-50 cm of snow but the Comune have promised to open it very soon. At the first moment the road get open we will come to you with another news.

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Welcome winter and see you soon Spring 😉