The stone groves of Nderlysa

The stone groves of Nderlysa are some rock formations created by the abundant flow of black river water descending from the village of Kaprre in Thethi valley. In the village of Kaprre this water creates the Blue Eye hole, a beauty of nature that impresses every visitor.

Their attraction is quite interesting and beautiful as there are many different and special forms rose-colored. Most of them are plated and rounded and look like bathtubs made by an artist with a perfect taste.

During the summer season they are also used as a refresh point from the visitors. These rocky masses of peculiar beauty are also accompanied by a natural crystal water pool where you can swim  under the wood bridge that joins two rock cliffs where adventurers can jump to.

This attraction is reachable in 1.5 hours by walking or 20 minutes by car starting from the center of Thethi village. In additional if you want to hike form 50 minutes more you can reach the Blue Eye hole in Kaprre within the same day, or just relax and swim next to this natural pool.

Natyral Attractions in Theth

Natural beauties of Thethi valley begins once you have passed Boge village and do not end at any moment you will stay in Theth. The first  point you will meet is Qafa e Thores peak on the way to Thethi valley, of 1800 meters altitude on the sea level and a cottage used as a coffee bar to stop, relax and have an wanderful view of all the peaks in the area.

After 3km drive there is the monument of Edith Durham monument that gives you the chance to see two valley Thethi’s and Shala’s valley view; Valbona’s golf, the Pejse golf, the Vizhens circle, the sheeps path pastures, the golf of Derza, etc.

Some of the other attractions you can visit once in the valley are: Gjecaj waterfall, Grunasi waterfall, Grunasi canyon, stone groves of Nderlysa and the Blye Eye of Kaprre.

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