We severely punish the unfaithful murder of Czech tourists

Michael Svatos and Anna Kosinova

Public declaration

We, people community of Thethi, Valbona and Kelmend, are deeply affected and touched by the macabre murder of two Czech tourists in the area of Prekal, Postripa community. Expressing condolences to their families, we distance ourselves from the criminal act of terrorism, not only for the loss of two young lives and for the loss of their families for the loved people, but with force we ask the punishment with the maximum force of the law to the psychopathic murder. In the same time we appreciate and thank the police force, the collaborative people of Shkodra and state authorities for the on time clarification of this case. The murder was taken, and even though a 20 years old young man, he has a heavy criminal dossier. He was just released from the prison where he had 5 years punishment for a similar crime.

We, representatives of Thethi’s, Valbona’s and Kelmendi’s guesthouses, have been hosting thousands and thousands of tourists during all these years and there was no incident of this kind.  With a huge commitment and many sacrifices we have managed to build up the image of the Albanian Alps tourism, where hospitality, generosity and security have been and still are the main motto of our work. Our sacrifices and the ones of ordinary people, worker, loving and eager for the work and human integrity cannot be trampled by thugs who want to spoil the good image created over the years. For the moment these individuals reached to stain our name, the area where we live and invest our savings and invest maximum strive on strengthen the service and hospitality.

In such a case the words are superfluous but in no one moment of such criminal elements cannot and should not represent us. The Albanian flag posted by Michael SVATOS and Anna Kosinova, the two victims, makes us think and reflect how much work we will need to improve our image thereafter.

We, the residents and businesses representative of Theth, Valbona and Kelmend seek even more attention and investment in our area. Citing police patrols in the area and investment in roads and lighting. Let’s be this case a call for a new emergency plan draft for the low implementation in the north Albania. Let us all be together in this disaster, that has not fallen just to those two young people and their families but to the entire Albanian people.