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Customary laws, myths and legends

Until recently the mountain regions of northern Albania were isolated not only in terms of geography and communication. In matters of jurisprudence, too, the region was literally a law to itself. Ottoman jurisdiction never prevailed here. Instead the Code of Lekë Dukagjin was in general use, a set of traditional laws passed on from one generation to another and not ...

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History and population

The first official mention of Theth is in a document of 1485 coming from Shkodra, when the village numbered seven houses. In the sixteenth century, during the Ottoman invasion, the ownership of the valley was transferred from the Sandjak of Shkodra to Peja. Today it belongs to the district of Shkodra. Most Theth families can be traced back to the ...

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Two days tour in Theth

The program for a two days tour in Theth.   First Day Starting time is :  06.30,  or  16:30, From  Tirana, (Mine Peza street). The arrival in Theth. The accommodation to the guesthouse and lunch or dinner time ( according to starting time ) Afternoon: Ar 14.30, We will visit the destinations: Thethi Waterfall and the Grunas Canyon. it 4 hours ...

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Ndue Praçe’s Tower

Ndue Praçe’s Tower is located near the center of Theth, in the neighborhood “Gjeçaj”. This characteristic tower was built in 1820 and was reconstructed in 2011. It is built with carved stones outside and with woodwork inside. On the base floor is the kitchen, where foods get prepared. On the first floor there is a lounge area of 40 m2, ...

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