Some of the surrounding mountain peaks are accessible only to expert climbers. True alpine trails require a good knowledge of the mountains National Park of Valbone, Albania (6)and rocks and a good physical shape. Theth gives you the opportunity to make Alpine excursions accompanied by certified alpine guides who will teach you the proper behavior to be held on the mountain. Being situated in the heart of the Alps, Theth is surrounded by steep slopes, which invite the most curious and impassioned to practice the sport of climbing. However the possibilities offered must be used according to everyone’s capacity! It is recommended for climbers to be instructed and equipped with adequate means, because there are not stores in Theth, where to obtain equipment for such walking.
Some of the main destinations for climbing from the valley of Theth are: the Harapi Peak, the Peak of Radohima, third in Albania in altitude, Denell, where Theth is collected with Upper Curraj and Nikaj Merturi in Tropoja, the saddle of Valbona, which collects Theth with the valley of Valbona, the Peak of Alije between the saddles of Valbona and Pech, the Peak of Hekurave covered with permanent snow.
These are some of the peaks and saddles that can be traversed by hikers who are prepared and properly equipped.
Infrastructure in Theth is modest. Given that lack of permanent shelter in the heights of mountains, groups who want to climb some of the surrounding peaks, which cannot be done within a day, have to be equipped with camping tents. Some of the top destinations paths are signed (as the Valbona and Pech saddles); however it is recommended to be accompanied by a guide from the village.