Valbone village is about 1000 meters above sea level. Currently Valbone village has about 30 houses, mostly old 2-3 storey tower with thick stone walls and roof of the characteristic alpine board.
Rragamit waterfall that is the source of Valbona River and is located near the village of the same name (Rragam), is another alpine wonders of nature to be visited.


Komani Lake, Albania AlpsThe park has an area of approximately 8,000 hectares and is located 25-30 km north of the city of Bajram Curri. Valbona Park is one of paperseritshme mbrekullite Albanian alpine nature.
To go Valbone have to travel 7 hours from the capital city. Each visitor has the opportunity to enjoy a ferry trip in the lake of Koman.


Valbone - Albania AlpsValbona Valley is the most visited tourist areas in Tropoja, even the most visited in the Albanian Alps after Thethi valley.
This area of rare beauty is preferred not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists who like to know the customs or traditions of the northern villages.
Valbona located 25 miles from Bajram Curri and move toward it should pass, Dragobi.
Dragobis Village is the oldest of the area, with stone towers 100 and 200 years and even older. Just after passing Dragobine in the arm to Valbona runoff among the dense forest located caves of Bajram Curri.
During the entire journey accompanies the Valbona limpid water that comes from melting snow from the peaks of the Alps.

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