Bar and restaurant

Thethi is a quite small valley with approximately 26 to 30 guesthouses in total. Every guesthouse use to serve food for its guests and apparently this solve the problem. Sometimes guests spending more than 3-4 nights in Thethi use to pass by any of these other guesthouses an book for a dinner, just to try something different. Traditional food with homemade products, as the fresh drinks as Birra or Coca Cola, or fruit juice homemade with the fruits of the area as blackberries or strawberries. Albanian pie ‘byrek’, ‘maza’ or different recipes with fresh vegetables from the garden are usual in this area.

There is just one bar/restaurant in the center of the village, next to the school,  called Zorgji Restaurant, which offers mainly a simple menu of grilled meat or fish and salads. As well as coffees and fresh drinks!

A modest fish restaurant is placed in Nderlysa village, on the way to the ‘Blue Eye’ destination, 1.5h from Thethi center, or also something similar next to the blue eye source, in case you did not have the possibility to arrange a packed lunch from the guesthouse.

Please note: there is no alimentary shop or similar for other daily necessities. You have to take all neccessary alimentary staff from the city of Shkoder or at least from Koplik.