Bar and restaurant

There are just two Bar/Restaurants in the village;

one in the center of the village which owner is Lin Zorgji and the other one of Ded Gjoni in the quarter Nikgjonaj on the way to Valbona valley.

These restaurants offer a traditional menu, coffees and fresh drinks!

A modest fish restaurant is placed in Nderlysa village, o the way to the ‘Blue Eye’ destination, 1.5h from Thethi center.
A simple Bar that offers express coffee and fresh drinks is just in the cross way in the entrance of the valley just once you pass the big bridge, known as ‘Blerim’s Bar’.
Nevertheless every guesthouse offers the restaurant service on its place with a fix daily menu for a recompense of 5 to 7 Euro per person. Traditional food with homemade products, as the fresh drinks as Birra or Coca Cola, or fruit juice homemade with the fruits of the area as blackberries or strawberries. Albanian pie ‘byrek’, ‘maza’ or different recipes with fresh vegetables from the garden are usual in this area.

Note: there is no alimentary shop or for other daily necessities.