Connection with border crossing points


  • Hani i Hotit (Montenegro) – Shkoder – Theth.
  • Qafe Morine (Kosovo) – Kukes – Milot – Shkoder – Theth.
  • Qafe Prush (Kosovo) – Tropoje – Qafe Mali – Vau Dejes – Shkoder – Theth.
  • Qafe Prush (Kosovo) – Tropoje – Koman (traveling by ferry through the lake of Koman) – Shkoder – Theth.
  • Qafe Thane (Macedonia) – Elbasan – Tirane – Shkoder – Theth.
  • Porti i Durresit (Italy) – Durres – Tirane – Shkoder – Theth.
  • Kakavije (Grecce) – Gjirokaster – Fier – Tirane – Shkoder – Theth.
  • Kapshtice (Grecce) – Korce – Elbasan – Tirane – Shkoder – Theth.

Some important tips:

  • There is no car road connections between Thethi and Valbona valley, which are next to each other and connected only by a foot trail of approximately 6 hours.
  • Koman lake and the ferry trip is closer to Tropoje and Valbona valley than to Thethi. You can do it anyway on a round trip between the two valleys.
  • No necessary permissions or taxes are applied to visit Thethi National Park for the moment and you can freely camp everywhere. You just please respect the nature.
  • There is no direct transport line from Tirana to Thethi. You have any way to change vehicle in Shkodra.
  • 4×4 cars are always reccommended to visit Thethi, or even our albanian alps.
  • Do not use the train transport to Shkodra. It is to old mainteinance, to slow (old generation), and not safe (Children from the fields on the road use to shoot with stones!!)
  • Intercity buses from Tirana to Shkodra, placed in front of the stadio Asllan Rusi, use to leave every day from 06.00h on every hour bases.
  • Intercity buses from Shkodra. If you have to organize a transport to the south you have to know that intercity buses from Shkodra are available just on the direction to Tirana and Durres, not to all south lines. For this reason you have to come to Tirana and change lines.
  • The last bus from Shkodra to Tirana is in the afternoon, 17.00h.